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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way healthcare is provided. The goal now is to keep people home to reduce the risk of virus exposure. Some physician office visits have been replaced with two-way audio/video calls. Medical supplies and even groceries are being delivered to your home if you’re at risk.

Home health is a great way to provide the nursing care and therapy you need in the comfort and safety of home. This service is covered with no out-of-pocket expense if you have original Medicare (Part A/B).

How Does A Path of Care Keep Patients Safe at Home?

A Path of Care nurses and therapists follow detailed infection control precautions. They wear protective equipment, like masks and gloves, and follow specific safety protocols when entering a patient’s homes.

Managing Chronic Conditions at Home

By safely coming to your home for care, home health experts can catch problems early to reduce your hospitalization risk. They can also provide care that may reduce the need for an emergency room visit.

If you have a chronic condition that needs care, like heart disease, diabetes, or a lung condition, skilled nurses can schedule a visit to your home. They will help you learn to manage the disease so you can continue to live independently. They will work with your doctor on a plan of care that can include:

  • Checking your vital signs
  • Discussing your symptoms or overall health concerns
  • Reviewing your medications to check for interactions and side effects
  • Managing pain and discomfort
  • Drawing blood for lab testing
  • Teaching you techniques to better manage your chronic condition
  • Discussing nutrition and healthy eating
  • Providing skilled clinical services

Safely Recovering from a Surgery at Home

If you are recovering from surgery, nurses and therapists come to your home to help you and your family with:

  • Changing dressings and checking incisions
  • Reviewing your medications and side effects
  • Discussing nutrition issues after surgery
  • Checking your home for fall/safety hazards
  • Teaching you exercises for strength and flexibility
  • Helping you learn to conserve energy during your daily activities
  • Showing you how to prepare your home and recover safely after joint replacement

Many people are surprised at the level of care and services that can be provided in their homes. Nurses can even schedule a virtual visit with your doctor while they are in your home. Using a handheld tablet, you can discuss your health concerns directly with your doctor.

Do I Qualify for Home Health Care?

Home health usually only lasts a few weeks. The service is a covered benefit with original Medicare (Part A/B), so you have no out-of-pocket expense. It is often covered by other insurance as well. To receive home health care, you must have a medical need that requires skilled care. You must also be considered “homebound.” This means it is difficult or risky for you to leave your home for medical care. For example, if you have asthma or a heart condition, it could be safer for you to get care at home instead of being around other patients in a medical office. In this case, Medicare covers this service for you.

For more information or a personalized assessment of your home health eligibility, please call us at (844) 301-4705, or send an email to answers@APathofCare.net. We can discuss your situation and see if home health services would benefit you or someone you love.

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