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A partnership for outstanding post-acute care

Benefits Of Our Partnership

How We Help Hospitals & Clinics

If established and managed correctly, home health, hospice and ADvantage services can expand the resources of your network to serve patients. Here’s how we’ve helped hundreds of providers improve their care outcomes and businesses:

Focus on Providing Great Care

Our collaborative approach helps you create a better path for your patients. We help you focus on your core business of inpatient care while giving you tools to provide outstanding post-acute care.

Proven Systems & Processes

Our experience in the post-acute industry helps you optimize staffing ratios and service areas. We’ll also help you implement systems for combining in-person care with technology and remote monitoring.

Patient Education Materials

Our partners get access to a vast library of ready-to-use patient education materials. It’s easier to reduce readmissions when you educate patients about how to manage their chronic diseases.

Our Process

Providing Better Care In Your Community Starts Now

Call to discuss your post-acute services.

Schedule an on-site assessment.

Implement your new action plan.

Grow your post-acute services to help your community.

We’re ready to help.

Questions about A Path of Care Management Services

Questions asked about our consulting services:

Which types of care can Management Services help our hospital/clinic establish?

We have expertise in operating skilled, financially stable, caring Home Health, Hospice, and Medicaid ADvantage services. We also offer consulting and management services to assist with the clinical, financial, and marketing components that are essential to creating a high-quality, viable business segment.

Once Management Services determines a plan of action, is my hospital/clinic on its own to implement the plan?

No! We’re here to guide you through the plan, make changes if needed, and help you along your path to success with your in-home care offering.

Does your team replace our back office team?

No! We work closely with your team to complement it, but we do not replace it. We give you the tools to be successful long-term without us.

Improve patient outcomes

And expand post-acute care for your community