A Path to Health & Independence

The care you need in the comfort of your home.

Healing and Recovery at Home

The best place to heal is at home. With skilled nursing care, you can heal from surgery or an acute illness quicker than in a nursing home, plus learn long-term strategies to improve your health.

Improved Quality Of Life

After a life-limiting disease diagnosis, hospice care can improve your quality of life. When we can manage pain and symptoms, people often live longer and better than initially expected.

A Little Extra Help At Home

Sometimes you may need just a little extra help with light housework, errands, personal grooming, or preparing your meals, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it’s time for a nursing home.

Your Partner on the Journey to Good Health

When you face roadblocks in your health, it can be hard to determine which care path is right for you. What is the best way to stay safe, independent and healthy at home? We’ll help you choose the services to meet your needs now and in the future.

A Path of Care is a Network of Oklahoma-owned agencies providing different types of care in your home and community. We can assess your specific needs, and help you find the right level of care.

Our Process

Determining Your Path of Care

Speak to a Care Expert

Build a Care Plan with Your Physician

Heal Safely in the Comfort of Home

Benefits of our network

When your health changes, so can your Path of Care

You can live with dignity, grace and independence, whether you need home health, hospice, or Medicaid ADvantage services. Here's why we think you should consider our agency for the different stages of your care:

Always Know Who to Call

Our team is ready to meet your changing health needs, whether long or short-term care in the home or transitioning to hospice.

Consistent Values & Care

All of our paths have the same foundation of compassionate, outstanding care that maintains your dignity and independence.

A Guide for Your Path

If you’re not sure which type of care is right for you right now, you’re not alone! Our Care Experts can help you figure out the right path.

Here's what our patients and families have to say:

Questions about our Services

What’s the difference between Home Health, Hospice Care, and Preferred Pathways?

a. Home Health agencies provide skilled nursing and therapy to meet specific medical needs. It is medical care provided in your home, under the direction of your doctor. Licensed medical professionals help you manage chronic health conditions, like heart failure or diabetes. They can help you recover after surgery or a hospital stay. Care is “intermittent” instead of 24 hours a day.

b. Hospice agencies help those with a life-limiting illness. They treat symptoms of the disease, like pain or nausea, rather than treating the disease itself. Hospice nurses and doctors are skilled in the latest techniques to help relieve pain and improve your comfort. Social workers, chaplains, and volunteers also provide tremendous help and resources for patients and family members.

c. Preferred Pathways offers Medicaid ADvantage services, which is in-home care that allows people with specific needs to stay in their homes instead of moving to a long-term care facility. Our specially-trained employees help with daily activities so you can remain independent, such as personal hygiene, grooming, light housework, meal preparation, running errands, etc.

How do I figure out which service is right for me?

a. Our Care Experts are here to help you determine which type of care is the right fit for you (or your loved one) right now. We offer care for many stages of your health journey, so reach out to our team to discuss your situation.

Are you local?

a. All of the agencies in the A Path Of Care network are Oklahoma-owned and operated. We live in your community and understand the challenges and resources available for patients in our state.

How long will I be eligible for your care?

a. Each person is unique, but our agencies can offer the care you need when you need it, whether that's for just a few months or for several years. We’re here to support the many stages of your health as you age so you always have a trusted care provider.

Are the Sooner and TenderCare agencies part of A Path Of Care?

a. Yes! We previously had home health, hospice, and Medicaid ADvantage agencies using the Sooner and TenderCare names, but have now rebranded all of our agencies under the A Path Of Care brand.

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