COVID-19 Updates

We wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like masks and gloves when we come to your home. We’ll check with you at the door so you recognize our smiling faces. Then we’ll put on our PPE to keep us all safe while we provide care.

What steps are we taking to keep our patients and staff healthy?

Employees wash or disinfect their hands before and after patient visits. Sooner office employees also follow specific infection control policies.

Sooner adjusts infection control procedures based on the virus spread. We follow CDC and Oklahoma State Department of Health guidance.

Remote Patient Monitoring also allows patients to track vitals daily while a nurse monitors results remotely.

While there were originally shortages of PPE, our team has always had an adequate supply. Be assured that Sooner’s team will be able to safely provide your care.

Your doctor can request a virtual visit while Sooner is in your home. Using handheld tablets, Sooner can connect you with your physician to discuss your health needs.

To date, we have had ZERO work-related exposures and ZERO incidents of patients and nurses spreading the virus to each other.