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Management Expertise and Resources

The Business
of Healthcare

In addition to our team of professionals providing care in the home, A Path of Care network agencies have a team of professionals handling the business side of healthcare.

A Path of Care Management Services provides help with insurance, accurate coding and billing, Human Resources support, and more. This means the clinical team can focus on what they do best… helping you heal at home.

Benefits to our Patients

Access to Network resources means benefits for patients.

Advanced Training

Many services that once required a hospital stay can now be offered in the home. Our clinical team stays up to date on medical developments, new equipment and other tools to provide advanced care in the comfort of home.

Educational Materials

Patients receive award-winning teaching materials on managing chronic diseases like diabetes, heart failure or COPD. We provide tools to help reduce the risk of falling, and to help speed recovery after surgery.

Controlled Costs

By sharing back-office management services with multiple locations, it helps lower the cost of office services and shift dollars to clinical care. Each agency can tap into expert resources and avoid duplicating costs and services.

Locally Owned and Operated

A Path of Care Management Services is located right here in Oklahoma. The leadership team has been serving Oklahomans for many years. We understand the special challenges faced across our state, especially in rural areas.

Benefits to Health Systems

How our team supports Hospitals:

A Path of Care Management Services also offers consulting and management to health systems. Hospitals can focus on the inpatient and outpatient care, and we can help them develop a strong post-acute network.

Experience, Experience, Experience

Our management team has specialized in in-home care services since 1996. We understand the structure, regulations, coding and billing, and planning needed to successfully operate post-acute services.

Strategic Planning

We can assess your current program and identify opportunities to strengthen post-acute services. This could include adjusting service areas, monitoring productivity, improving billing practices or providing tools to increase awareness of your services.


Patients and health systems benefit from technology, such as Remote Patient Monitoring to improve outcomes and supplement visit frequency. Point-of-Care software can improve documentation and communication.

Our Process

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Our Leadership Team

Complementary partners for your team

Brain Wilson, R. Ph.
Chief Executive Officer

With over 35 years of experience in healthcare, Brian has successfully grown fiscally-responsible statewide home health networks three times. He brings people together to develop innovative healthcare systems.

John Kelly
Chief Financial Officer

John brings over 30 years of experience in accounting and financial analysis spanning a variety of industries. He brings a unique perspective to improve efficiencies and outcomes in the healthcare industry.

Stevi Parr, RN
Chief Operations Officer

With over 25 years of nursing experience, Stevi understands challenges throughout the healthcare continuum. She’s an adept problem solver and develops innovative solutions to improve quality of care.

Beth Lafferty, RN
Director of Chronic Disease Management

Beth develops evidence-based training for clinical teams in disease management and Remote Patient Monitoring. A Marine, Beth also brings over 16 years of health management experience.

Brittnie Pranter
Director of Human Resources

With over a decade of experience in Human Resources, Brittnie uses her problem-solving skills to identify opportunities to streamline processes and integrate technology to better manage personnel information.

Kandy Milette, RN
Director of Performance Improvement

As a nurse and former state home health surveyor, Kandy has a wealth of knowledge about regulations. She digs deep to identify the root causes of problems and develops creative solutions to overcome barriers.

Linda Vaughan
Director of Marketing

Linda leads a seasoned marketing team in developing trusted relationships with referral partners. She’s an advocate for patients and physicians, educating and guiding them to services and resources.

Sallie Key, RN HCS-D, COS-C
Director of Clinical Review

Sallie has over 20 years of practical experience in hospitals, home health, and clinical review. She is an expert in appropriate coding and chart review and has extensive experience in outstanding customer service.

Sue Zachary
Director of Billing Services

A billing specialist, Sue owned a home health agency before joining A Path of Care 20 years ago. She’s adept at finding opportunities to streamline processes and introduce efficiencies and tech to optimize cash flow.

Frequently asked questions about our management and consulting services

What types of Management Services do you provide?

We begin with an assessment of your current program. Then services are customized based on identified opportunities. An overview is available at this link: Management Services Overview.pdf

What tools do you provide to enhance health outcomes for patients?

There are several clinical training programs and award-winning materials that help patients learn to better manage chronic disease. This can lead to reduced exacerbations and avoidable hospitalizations. We also focus on safety and reducing infection risk.

How have you managed infection control during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our focus is on the appropriate use of Personal Protective Equipment, which is provided at no charge to all employees. All employees at our agencies meet federal vaccination requirements through vaccination or approved medical or religious waivers. See our position statement.

To know more about how we manage infection control, visit our COVID updates page.

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