Stay Connected with Remote Monitoring While Healing at Home

Most people prefer to heal and recover at home if they can. But they also want to be sure medical help is available when needed.

A Path of Care Home Health agencies offers medical care in your home to give you the best of both worlds. You can recover in the comfort and safety of your own home, and you can relax knowing a professional is monitoring your condition and available if needed.

What Does Home Health Do?

Home health provides short-term help with medical care in your home. It’s covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and many insurance plans. Home health clinicians can help you manage chronic diseases or heal after surgery. The clinical team works directly under your doctor’s orders.

  • A Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) will provide skilled nursing care. Home health nurses provide medical care, assess symptoms, and monitor progress. The nurse will work with your physician on a customized plan of care.
  • Therapists can check for hazards in your home and help with balance and walking. They can guide you on exercise and activity. They can teach you techniques for safely bathing, dressing, getting in and out of bed, and so on. They can also help with swallowing, low vision problems, and more.
  • Home Health Aides provide personal care in your home under the guidance of your nurse or therapist. This may include help with bathing, shampooing hair, and so on. Sooner’s aides are very well trained and are tested on their skills.

Services are customized to your needs. For example, if you have heart disease, the team can:

  • Verify your medications and ensure you are taking them correctly.
  • Teach you how to conserve energy for daily activities.
  • Help you strengthen your muscles to support your heart and lifestyle.
  • Work with you on simple ways to adapt your favorite foods for a healthier heart.
  • Care for incisions and monitor your recovery after surgery or a hospital stay.

The service is provided for just a few weeks. The goal is to give you the skills you need to live safely and independently at home.

What Does Remote Patient Monitoring Do?

Many patients also appreciate A Path of Care’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system to monitor vital signs. RPM lets you use your own phone (smartphone, cell phone, or landline) to send us daily information to monitor your health.

This is not an emergency device. It is a way to send our office your blood pressure, weight, or oxygen levels each day so we can monitor trends. You can even enter your daily glucose levels to monitor your diabetes. This helps us identify health concerns before they get worse.

Using Remote Patient Monitoring is easy! Simply take your readings at home and send them to us each day using a secure app on your phone.

The results are monitored by our remote monitoring team each weekday. They notify your home health nurse or your doctor if there are any readings that are too high or too low, or if there are signs of a possible health concern. We can then send a nurse to your home or contact you by phone or video to take action.

With our RPM system, you can feel secure that someone is monitoring your health daily. By catching problems early, we can help you avoid emergency visits or hospital stays.

There is no out-of-pocket expense for home health services if you have original Medicare. Nurses and therapists can help with medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or lung problems. They can also help you recover safely at home following joint replacement or other surgeries. Get in touch with one of our Home Health Experts to discuss your home health eligibility.

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